Give Help to Others

This is the missing ingredient which when added to the above brings about powerful psychic manifestations. Since there is so little written in this area, I will be concentrating on it in these writings. There is historical precedent in White Magic and the early Christians, but the Roman church worked hard to destroy these, and it is part of the Sufi way (love and intimacy help you to find God in others), but most people cannot confront this area and consider it bad.
We had a taste of this in the sexual revolution, but it was only a shadow of what is to come. There are cycles within cycles and the late sixties was the last big manifestation of Aquarius within Pisces, the real Age of Aquarius hasn't started yet. When it does come, it will unleash tremendous energy, but energy can be used for good or ill, therefore we have to plant the seeds now to channel it in the direction of love.
But don't forget that the other four areas above are also part of our religion.

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Give Help to Others

Postby forumadmin » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:43 am

Post here if you can and want to help educate people on a subject. Any help given will be accepted with great appreciation!
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Re: Give Help to Others

Postby christof » Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:02 pm

Help is a huge thing!

I've been mulling over "help" for a while. On one of Phil Spickler's interviews that Marina has done (that's enough info to google it up!) he talks about someone attaining a real, stable checkout as Clear* just from spending time with giving or accepting help as the primary consideration in her life.

* for anyone who doesn't know, in one group, that's a word they use for a state where you aren't the effect of stressors, but the creative cause of your life.
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