13.4 Exterior Version

To get better and to become more able, you have to be willing to
But when things are going badly, and especially when the body is
or might be hurt, a person tends to clamp down and resist
changing to avoid getting worse. In other words, he tries to
hold things in place.

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13.4 Exterior Version

Postby Roy Jones » Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:15 am

Interesting, but I found it extremely difficult to hold objects absolutely still in my mind or being exterior. It goes kind of OK with solid objects of the physical universe, but become extremely difficult for me when being exterior. All the objects are constantly moving, changing shapes and colors etc. But worse part is that I know that it can not be still because of it's alive and have all sorts of energy moving in it and so on :)
So what I had to do is choose one split moment of existence of that object when everything IS still (relatively) and pronounce it as "still" to get a win on it. LOL
Also today I mock up a pile of money and tried to hold them still. What they did is just collapsed in itself gave me good jolt...
It took me an hour to finish just 3 passes through one 13.4 to get some sort of control of "imaginary" objects.
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