Ch 11.5 - Healing

At the ultimate level, you are pure thought, a nothingness with the capabilities of creation and consideration.

Our existence stretches back before this universe, and therefore at basic we cannot be composed of or dependent upon matter or energy.

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Ch 11.5 - Healing

Postby Roy Jones » Sun Sep 29, 2013 3:15 am

(From Facebook post)

Got somewhat related story going. Last few months had problem with coughing a lot, just here and there, badly but not too often, but definitely more than "normal" person will do (like daily)
Last couple of weeks got much worse up to getting to symptoms of tuberculosis. Along with getting weird ideas that something wanna "finish" me. Not my ideas I'll tell ya! So Working with "Self Clearing" CH 11.5 - "Exteriorization -Healing" I did work on myself fixing a damage in my chest and antritis and in 25 minutes got some results using my own "blue hooks energy" (another story). Right after the session I just collapsed on a couch where I worked to sleep for a 2 hours and even after that could not get up and slept till next morning.
Next day there were no symptoms of anything at all! I even forgot for best part of a day that I had anything for so long...
Next day after that I tried to to it again and fix other stuff and finish of what i started at a first day and noticed that is is not so easy anymore. If feels like I have to push and work much harder with less results... Though I still felt much better than earlier days and slept again after session for 3 hours.
Today in session repeating Healing process I noticed that I can not do almost anything! There were so much distraction... Someone was distracting me by telling me stories, throw pictures at me and so on, so I had to quit.
It looks like some of the "too friendly" Entities or whatever figured out that I may not need them to be healthy or I don't know what and destructing me from healing myself. Got me pissed off!!!
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