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PilotRepost Za1

Private letter - Thu, 6 Jul 2000 - Various Notes

Dear Ex Scn Message Bd reader,

Here are some editorial notes with regard to the new type number this post has and the character of the Pilot reposts generally.

Up to now we have presented gems from the Pilot's postings (at act and/or ars, two news groups which were the main free communication media for Scientologists at that time). While the Pilot was still writing from
he contacted me and a few others directly, from an email address fully legitimate which we could (and did) write to. To my knowledge the majority of these private writings have not been made public up to now. However the Pilot's general intention was that if he did not get round to editing and issuing them he wanted others to and the following is one of these private letters with names of receivers (except Mike Hunsaker) withheld, since I do not have their agreement to involve them. So the following and others sent to the little private list is not a repost from something posted publicly. You may or may not consider it a repost. But any way, to differentiate the two types of "Reposts", I am giving the repostings from the private list the added letter "a" in its title/designation. So here you have Pilot repost Za1

Further long winded footnote about the character of this repost thread.
I have indented this and made it small type so you can easily by pass it, and get down to what the Pilot wrote privately to us.
Any one leaving the official Scientology organisations, especially if they leave noisily, has their character immediately blackened to those remaining in the Church. As an obscure example of this, while I was editing and issueing an English language magazine I had a charming elderly Norwegian lady, who had been to university studying English, proofreading that magazine for me. I met her first in Copenhagen, where she joined a night train to Berlin which I and a friend were on. We were traveling to a Ray and Pam Kemp Conference held in the recently liberated East Berlin. I met her a number of times since. She lived in Oslo, and over a number of years in September I made 1½ day trips to Oslo for a cycling event, and managed to drop in on her. She was sweetness embodied. I think, when on staff in Oslo, she had been connected with auditor training. Years later I met a Scientologist (Geir Isene) who had been at the Oslo Org after Sigrun had left and later become a free Scientologist. Geir told me that Sigrun had a very bad reputation when he was at Oslo Org a few years after Sigrun had resigned.
The better a reputation you have when in Scientology, the more strongly they will blacken your character (with lies, usually) when you have left , especially if you leave very publicly. This happened to David Mayo - they wrote a fascinating thing called "The Story of a Squirrel". The Pilot was no different.. It is possible that people casually hearing of the Pilot have accepted that bad reputation. The Pilot identity ruthlessly exposed where the "Church" deviated from policy, quoting the exact policies (see for example http://freezoneearth.org/pilot/reformer.html) The Church could not get at him and they did not have such a good control on where their members looked on the Internet as they have now. In particular, when I started these reposts, one or more people told us "but The Pilot committed suicide", as though that was sufficient reason not to examine his work further. In my opinion the Pilot was a mixed bag who did some brilliant work (valuable to most of us) and wrote some rather "silly" things. But how many of us are perfect? We have posted (Reposted) some 44 things of the Pilot that I think show his bright side. The following private letter, written after his identity had been disclosed to the "Church" and seven years before he committed suicide, shows a more mixed picture. Next week we will bring a repost of something the Pilot posted, I think without a number, which I think, reveals a more honest side to the Pilot than many "slaves to the Church" show. After that we will go back to "gems" in somebodies opinion that the Pilot wrote. After all, the good a person does is more worth looking at than their crimes and violence - that is, if one wants to rise up the tone scale, rather than sink down.. That is the end of the sermon - AntAmen

Note: 26th Nov 2012, by Ant This I have just run across and might use edited for Pilot Postings. It is written after the Pilot's identity was revealed (seven years before he committed suicide).

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To 11 names including Mike and Ant

July 6, 2000

Temporarily Confidential




I attended the July 4th party. [A yearly "Liberation Day" event in the USA]

As far as freezone and tech goes, the party was a success. The turnout was much larger than last year (more than twice as many people). I met Evans Farber among others (credited by LRH with originating the first exteriorization process) and there was a lot of enthusiasm for self-clearing. Also, somebody is creating a CADA [Californian Association of Dianetic Auditors - a very old association, I believe not under the control of the Church] website and I advised them to contact FZA.ORG to setup links between the two (hint to Mike) - I'll try to remember to have the name and URL with me the next time I write you.

Also, Louise [The Pilot´s mother] had a great time swapping war stories with Merril Sorkin (formerly Merril Mayo) since they were on the flagship together.

As far as my own case situation goes (eg. 2D desperation), I basically confirmed that there do not seem to be any unattached females under 50 in the LA freezone, so it was a negative for me although I was glad to see the improved activity for the sake of others.



This came up a few weeks ago and I just didn't get around to writing it down.

I was working with Louise [his mother] and we were trying to find what was causing things like the 2D bounce I seemed to have and other odd situations where somebody's flows were different than what they thought they were putting out.

I found that there were flows from dead people I had known in this lifetime appearing in my flows to others. Louise found the same.

These were not the flows of the beings as they must be now, having reincarnated or at least being between lives and a bit different from when I had known them. Instead they seemed to be from copies of the person as they were when they died.

It seems like we are all doing an interesting thing of saving a copy of ourselves as we are at death before going through the between lives memory wipe out. Supposedly these copies are so that we can regain all of our identities once we are free of the "prison". These copies are parked in some sort of non-physical space.

All the dead people who had reason to mess me up or had intentions to control me etc. in their lives seemed to appear as flow riders on my flows. Although in some cases I had overts which might explain my pulling these in or copying them, there were also many who were just envious or even disliking me for spurious or dubbed-in reasons, so it seemed to depend more on their attitudes about me rather than my case.

I'm not sure how common this is because it seemed to me that all the between lives copies had been stirred up against me by an opponent, so maybe this is not so embracive for other people, but I seemed to find tons of these.

Handling was generally to spot what the source of their antagonism was and acknowledge it, which would cause them to let go.



There has been some stuff about reptiles on ACT [newsgroup alt.clearing.technology], mostly from sources that don't hold too much credibility for me.

But a couple people have spotted some things on this and talked to me about it privately, including one who was not reading ACT and didn't even know about the dialogue on this subject.

So I tried to find something on it and came up with a bit of weirdness which is probably dub-in but should be noted down just in case.

I got the valley of the tombs on Acturus IV, which I've run before and which might be the next higher level reality, with Earth possibly being a virtual reality in the style of movies like "The Matrix" or "The 13th Floor" (based on the old classic sci-fi novel Simaculron-3).

And it seemed like the Big Green Reptilian Aliens had just recently captured that planet from the folks that were running the prison planet machinery (Marcab? 4th invader?) and had not a clue as to what was going on down here.

So these big green reptiles started jacking into the system to figure it out, and instead of doing their job they have gotten a bit addicted to human affairs as a sort of Soap Opera which they find very entertaining.

So they are not here but at the next level up and occasionally they are hanging around to observe and we feel their thoughts and get a sort of dub-in of them hanging around when they are observing us.

This is probably wrong data but its one hell of an interesting idea.



This is just an interesting incident I ran. It goes back to magic universe.

A girl I was in love with was due to be sacrificed to a "god".

The god was bodiless but had various statues and shrines as anchor points around his territory.

The sacrifice was to be a virgin, but really that was only a convenience in communicating the real need to mortals. What was really needed was somebody innocent and pure of mind who did not have a strong 2D link with anybody else, and the actual virginity was beside the point.

I went to some big wizard and offered a decade of service in exchange for help and the wizard did not like this particular god anyway so he took the deal and hatted me up.

The sacrifice was needed to add a fresh and current PT viewpoint to a god that was growing too old, bored, jaded, and out of touch. The girls body would then become a priestess who would manifest the god and issue orders to mortals.

Under the wizard's instructions, I linked 2D wise with the girl and was nearby at the time of sacrifice and when he blanketed her, I was absorbed as well, both of us being merged with him in mind.

Then three becomes one, but there are still three separate subconsciousnesses under the one conscious being who was all of us. This true merge would only last briefly (because the three different substrata would cause it to fragment again) but thought as a single unit temporarily.

As instructed, both I and the girl were primed to think of suicide. Because it was two to one, we tended to permeate and so the composite consciousness had thoughts of destroying itself and according to the wizard, this was the only way a bodiless god could be destroyed. The idea was that he would destroy himself and that the girl and I would comm lag slightly because we had physical bodies (and had each other) and so would hold back from self destruction at the last moment while the old god dissolved into nothingness.

It didn't quite work because the god's shrines etc. acted just like bodies to put comm lags into his wishes so that only some of his shrines self destructed before the suicide impulse was suppressed and we fragmented and he came back to being a fully conscious and surviving individual.

He was terribly weakened and could not wreak too much havoc on the countryside, but he did curse us and his curse was to put a bit of himself on each of us that would make others think that they were being sacrificed (his specialty) if we ever tried to have a 2D with anybody (and we turned on terror of sacrifice in each other as well). This was a little bit like the flow riders I mentioned earlier, but consciously done by a very powerful being.



When you join 5th invader, they have you add fragments of yourself to various pools and military machinery and later these fragments of yourself can be fed false data and used to your detriment.

I found lots of pieces of myself which were acting in undesirable ways against me due to this.


I've also been running lots of more mundane stuff. The above are all a bit wild because I'm only bothering to note the unusual things that come up rather than the standard ones.


Things are rotten as usual and I see no way out. I'm just going on hoping as usual.


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