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(from the system's author)

Турбо-Суслик"Turbo-Suslik" - a relatively new system for cleaning one's mind from glitches and mental junk, which can be summarized in one simple phrase: "Kick out all of the gurus and do it myself." I argued and affirm that without exception every one is able by himself, without any help, to solve any of one's psychological problems and failures and start to live. Be free from foreign ideas, social brainwashing, manipulative buttons, limiting beliefs, false beliefs, etc. Fully self, by himself, and moderately quickly - in a months. The only condition is one's readiness for it and strong desire to pursue this path.

"Turbo-Suslic" system is intended primarily for those who are aware that their mind is filled with mental junk, which have to be get rid of. For those who are fed up with a rainbow baby talk and slobbery preachers calling for universal love and the pursuit of "goodness and light." For those who are tired of advice given in thousands of "smart books" of the need to be filled with love and light, to love and get rid of all the negatives - and none of the those counselors do not give any good advice about how to get rid of negativity. For those who are tired of being a pawn in the hands of uncontrolled negative emotions, fears, glitches, systems and so on. For those who want to finally stop humping his own brain and begin to live and not see reality through the prism of glitches, but as it is.


"Turbo-Suslic" system is tough and can be quite painful. This is the payment for the rate of change. The practitioner will require determination and courage to go through the often painful period of transformation.

This system - not for cowards, and not for those who do not have their brains in order to weigh the "pros" and "cons" and to decide on their own. It is also not for those who can not or do not want to take full 100% responsibility for his own life.

I understand that "Turbo-Suslic" system will have relatively few users, as most of the so-called "seekers" only hanging out on the forums just to show how toughness and advance they are in terms of "doctrines" and "spiritual progress," but did not conduct any real work - and does not want any real work (too much trouble, you know). The system is intended for practitioners, that is, people who are ready to go out there and do the job. Rest of you just wont get anything out of it.

If you are looking for the way to freedom, are not scared of difficulties and willing to take responsibility for your own life. If you have enough brains to make a decision on their own and without the need to listen external opinion of some forum guru with great experience and understanding of the correct spiritual path - then perhaps you should read this book and get down to business. All the others - scared, indecisive, angry defenders of a Truth or those who imagined "the only correct way" - do not bother and just close this site.

But for those who decided to work by this book to explain anything written above does not make much sense - just download the book "Turbo Suslik" and read it, and then make your own decision.


All the best! Dmitry, the author of the book.


At this moment given above system exist only in Russian language

Here on "Turbo-Suslik" system FORUM you can ask any question about how to adapt and develop this system in English. If anyone interested I can give you brief description of general principles and help to write basic scripts for it. The rest of it you can do by yourself with minimum help. 

The system is not perfect but it works at some extend and will give you a good boost up in a tone scale.