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Self Clearing
Reviewed by James Moore, England (reprinted with editing for the general public)
"Self Clearing, A Handbook for self enlightenment", by The Pilot. 
The printed book comprises about 350 pages and available on site.
Next, I will advise you to go to Self Clearing forum where you can find book disscassion and "technical support" if you have any questions.
SINCE THE PILOT appeared on the newsgroups on Internet he has entered a lot of theta material into a rather enturbulated area. The arrival of his "Self Clearing" book is a very significant landmark in his career, and also a very significant land mark in the history of do-it-yourself self enhancement.
For all
A claim is made that the "Self Clearing" book can be read and used by all, regardless of whether they have had any experience. I have seen this claim before, notably in "TROM (The Resolution of Mind)" and "Excalibur Revisited", and in my view these were very hollow claims. "Self Clearing" does fulfil this claim, and I would gladly give it to an enhancement seeking person who knew nothing of such technologies.
A gradient
The book contains all necessary explanations. It is a sort of bridge or path, but possibly a broader one than the other modern clearing technologies have, in that it works on what might be called "perceptions independent of the body" from the beginning. It is a gradient, and because of that I would suggest everyone do it chapter by chapter, rather than reading the whole thing, or skipping ahead, before doing it.
And the gradient is not too shallow, because one is allowed to skip over those things which do not seem relevant at that time. In fact The Pilot talks of doing the book twice or more times, because for different people things will have reality at different times.
Any one person can do it
There is no charge, and no future charge. Because of that nobody is likely to pour large sums of money into promoting it. But you can help here. Make it known.
You can go to the "Self Clearing" forum, download a book and begin to change yourself to the better you. Ask a question and help those who asked. We are here to help!
Good Luck!