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I met Ken a few times.
I met some of his friends too.
Ken was a big man, very masculine looking, but more feminine than I, and that is a tall order.
Not just feminine, but he had complete mastery of being a feminine celebrity, maybe what you would expect in character if you met Liz Taylor.
He held court every tuesday at a Greek restaurant in L.A. and anyone and everyone could come and it was as if Marie Antionette was holding court! He was flamboyant and one of the wittiest people if not the wittiest, I have ever known. He had a very sharp mind and I can assure you, it was impossible not to be driven to tears with laughter by his wit.
His companion when I knew him, was a fellow named Timmy, and the two of them together in the same place carried one into a dimension of sheer glee and unimportance about anything. They were both very good company and very magical.
Ken was, is, and perhaps always will be the Royal Shakespeare Theatre of Scientology. He wanted to have fun, caused others to have fun, and was generous with his beautiful mind. He took us on a funny side of Scientology and cast our burdens about it to the wind. It went into a catagory of comedy relief. He taught me there was laughter involved with it to be had.
He loved to entertain, whip at your reality, be worshipped by his followers, and found great joy in the pretense of life. 
Ken was very generous to people though and visitors, and was surrounded by theatre and film people in his later chapter.
And certainly I think Ken would not have wanted an ordinary death.
One filled with total theatre would be his trademark.
The main point is, people like Ken never see a final curtain.
So, until the next act, we thank him for the last performance.
And a marvelous one it was!