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Ken Ogger

Ken Ogger Pilot pictureKen Ogger, a long time scientologist was found dead in his swimming pool on May the 29th 2007.

According to Ogger's girlfriend, "He was found dead today, on May 29, in the pool of his house. When the police took his body out, his hands were tied with a wire, and something heavy and concrete attached to his feet.

'We were supposed to have a date on Monday night. Monday was a Memorial Day in America. He didn't come. He had never broke dates, and in case of any changes he always warned me. I couldn't reach him on the phone, and eventually drove to his place. His mother opened the door. It turned out she had no idea where he was.' said his girlfriend. 'His car was there, so we assumed that somebody picked him up. But what worried us most ... no calls from him. The phone in his house was broken, but he never called me either. It was last night, on May 28, Monday, the Memorial Day. Today when I came to Ken's mother, she said at the door: 'He is dead in the pool."

Ogger had been what is known as an old time scientologist from the early days and was well versed in the philosophy. He wrote a number of works about the philosophy and its application and had been an outspoken critic of the new Church of Scientology regime since the demise of the Founder of the church and had been, according to posts he posted on the internet, subject to continual harassment by the Churches infamous Dept of Special Affairs (OSA).

The Church of Scientology is perhaps one of the most litigious in the world not hesitating to sue at the drop of a hat. OSA, their secret security 'arm' continues to harass ex-scientologists (known as Scientology Freezoners) around the world in an attempt to prevent them from practicing their religion despite, at the same time, crying wolf and protesting freedom of religion around the world.

Recently, during a documentary on scientology by the BBC, a continual provoking of a BBC Panorama TV Crew resulted in a screaming match observed around the world. Tributes continue to flowing in around the world for Ken Ogger from scientologists in the Scientology Freezone.