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Admirology basic document 6 of 6, September 2003.

You may find the ideas here to be shocking and immoral by golden age standards, but the old ways will not survive the new age and it is better to consider sensible alternatives with an open mind.

First let us take a lesson from Freud and realize that sexual repression is the source of a great deal of humanity's ills. There should be a lot more sex with a lot more partners to bind people together and increase love and caring. But right here we have one of the key points, which is that it should not be cold physical sex without affection. Instead we are talking about the physical manifestation of God as Love by means of affectionate sex.

And we know that possessiveness and jealousy are negative factors which have always ruined lives. So let us cast these away and learn to share partners.

The sexual revolution was a taste of the waves of change that will hit with the Aquarian Age. We had better be prepared for it to happen again with a hundred-fold more power. So let's analyze what went wrong. Historically, women want affection and men want sex. In truth everybody needs and wants both, but the pressures of medieval society have biased our outlook. In the sexual revolution, the women began to give sex freely and the men should have reciprocated by giving affection freely. But this was never clearly stated or understood and the men proved themselves to be jerks. And then, instead of demanding affection and simply sleeping with men who were affectionate and rejecting those who weren't, many women backslid and tried to ensure oldstyle monogamous relationships, which simply don't work well in modern society.

If we want to provide a safe and stable environment for the raising of children, the only reasonable one in modern society is a group marriage. In today's world, few people earn enough to support an entire monogamous family on one person's salary and less than half the women want to be full time homemakers anyway. But within a group of six, for example, there would certainly be at least one homemaker and there should be enough income to support them as well. It would bring back the full time moms in an environment with enough sexual variety to keep everybody loving and happy and blend together the best of many lifestyles. And it would cushion the blow of losing one of the parents. The children would be shielded by a great umbrella of many loving parents and would not have their lives destroyed if something happened to one.

Outside of the family environment, the dating scene is also best served by multiple long term relationships. It is impossibly cold and cruel to dump somebody just because you have found someone else that you also like. And just like a group marriage, the loss of one partner is eased if there are other partners to comfort one. Furthermore, a group marriage would be extremely difficult to put together unless you warmed up for it by building a network of long term lovers.

We all know that in the current monogamous atmosphere, a large percentage of people cheat on their exclusive relationships. This is obvious and predictable because monogamy is not natural and people have to fight their basic instincts to maintain it. But this is quite bad because partners who depend on each other's trust and support are encouraged to lie and betray each other. And so love is destroyed on two fronts. The person's love for everyone else is denied because they must try to suppress it for the sake of their exclusive primary partner and their love for the primary partner is damaged because their love for others works against it. It is as if you took the fullness of a person's love and divided it in half and turned the two halves against each other. This is a great evil. Two intimate and loving primary partners should not only share each other's love but also enjoy and encourage their partner to share the love of others. Then there are no lies or cheating, only mutual support.

Unfortunately, the main proponents of monogamy are those who are insecure or unattractive. In that case they support it not because they like it but only because they know that they could not get another partner. Although this is understandable, it needs to be discouraged. Instead, the insecure and unattractive must learn to grow and improve and increase their abilities and their self-confidence. And for this, multiple relationships are a blessing because they can gradually learn to date and attract other people without losing their primary long term partner. Imagine the horror that an unattractive person must feel on being dumped or otherwise losing their one and only exclusive lover. Then they are facing years of misery and rejection. If you love such a person, you must help them to meet and attract others because you cannot guarantee that you will live forever and always be with them.

A good rule of thumb under all circumstances is that everyone should have at least three lovers. A single one leads to fear and possessiveness and two lead to dichotomies and conflicts. Therefore three is ideal. And note that this goes equally for both men and women, there should be no discrimination or double standards.

Love and sex can be used to encourage growth and healing. What you validate with these is greatly strengthened. If you sleep with tough and nasty people (macho or bitchy or whatever), then you will create a society of tough and nasty people. If, on the other hand, you sleep with sensitive and artistic people, then that is what the society will move towards. And if you abandon sex or lock down into a single exclusive relationships, then you have stopped voting and your opinion doesn't count, so you need to hope that the people who are sleeping around are validating the sensitive ones instead of the macho ones. It is a sad reflection on today's culture that the statement that "nice guys finish last" is obviously true. this would change overnight if women made it an ethical principle to sleep with two nice guys every time they slept with one who was (or turned out to be) not so nice.

As to church rituals, the best would be naked dancing. One of the best analogies for our entire existence and relationship to God is to see God as the dance and ourselves as the dancers. But right now, we dance within God surrounded by barriers that separate us from each other. Removing our clothes for a Sunday dance at the Church would symbolize removing the barriers that keep us separated and reawakening our dancing together within God.

Furthermore, psychic healing requires a confront of bodies and a degree of intimacy with the patient that far exceeds most people's ability to confront. And eventually we must all master psychic self-healing because that would be the only way that leads towards physical immortality. Ritual nudity ensures that we will develop our ability to face physical bodies in all forms both pleasing and repulsive, and hopefully by this we will gain enough confront and power to heal and beautify those that need it.

And this opens the door to one of the most powerful techniques in the entire field of metaphysics. Group affirmations often produce extremely strong results. If the people in the group are intimately connected and the affirmations are done by repetitive chanting, impossible things may be accomplished. This is best done in the nude and it should be obvious that this is a modernized form of white magic.

And if you will notice that Christ and twelve disciples makes a coven of thirteen, and that they had wives and girlfriends with them that probably made it into a double coven of 13 male and 13 female, you might realize that Christ was a white magician preaching that God is love and practicing group sex and wielding enough psychic horsepower to heal the sick and raise the dead.

At basic there is a oneness that is everything and nothing. It may be called God or Tao or by a host of other names. We are all part of it and together we form the great mind of God.

It would be appropriate before sex or other rituals to affirm the grace of God by saying "We are one with God's Love, Let our intimacy attract grace from above".

God Bless You All.
writing as The Professor
(aka The Pilot)
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