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One thing was obvious to me, and that was that only a few of us could bring about these psychic manifestations and all of us that did seemed to have three other things in common. First, we were all practitioners who were trained to help others using the organizations techniques, second, we all were trying to help mankind and save the world, and third, we all had extensive experience in other metaphysical practices.

This is interesting because the organization specialized in removing negatives whereas most other metaphysical practices emphasize attracting positives by using affirmations and visualization techniques. And it was only those of us who mixed the positive and negative techniques that seem to find a path to the miraculous opening before us.

I've already written a book called Self Clearing (under the pen name of The Pilot) which takes these techniques to a greater level of power and simplicity than existed in any of the older practices and I put the book on the Internet where it can be downloaded for free. So this aspect, of using both the positive and negative techniques, has been available for quite some time and there has been a lot of praise and many good results from it.

But it falls short of achieving the superhuman state that I experienced briefly in the old days.

Therefore, there is a third missing factor.

And without it, I still was able to live very well for many years, being happy, healthy, and affluent by using the techniques that I did know. But eventually I ran into trouble and some very bad things happened to me and suddenly I was alone and miserable and incredibly needy in the area of Love-Sex-Affection-Intimacy. And after that everything went wrong and none of the metaphysical techniques which had worked so well for me in the past seemed to work for me anymore.

It is only now that I'm finally realizing that Love-Sex-Affection-Intimacy is the third missing factor. It was intense during that superhuman period. I loved everyone in the organization and it was the sexual revolution and we were saving the world together and I had intense affectionate sex with many partners. I thought that it was simply a pleasant side effect of having so much psychic power. But in actual fact it was a key component.

Later I was monogamous and there were no more psychic manifestations even though I knew a lot more about processing positive and negative factors than I had in the early days.

God is Love.

We are all interconnected under the surface. Affectionate sex helps you to find and channel this connection. It’s not that you have to have sex with everyone, but you need to open the doors to interconnection without denial and then envelope everyone in a blanket of love. And then you can channel the group mind into white magic manifestations of healing and blessings for the common good.

God Bless You All,
writing as The Professor
(aka The Pilot)
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