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And it is historical fact that the Church in Antioch under Nicodemus practiced and preached free love for there is no giving or taking of marriage in heaven and Christ wished to make a Heaven on earth.

But a scoundrel and con-artist by the name of Saul, who worked as the enforcement arm of the Temple of Jerusalem which had the duty of collecting the taxes for the Roman empire, found "enlightenment" on the road to Damascus and converted to Christianity. Soon he and his allies held control of the Church in Rome and were stamping out free love and handing around collection plates and growing in power.

And then they pulled off their masterstroke, which was to eliminate the competition for control of Christianity by making a deal with the Romans to get them to arrest the Nicodemian Christians in Antioch because they were in violation of Roman laws against adultery which, although unenforced, were still on the books at that time.

Paul's only mistake was that once the Roman emperors developed a taste for feeding Christians to the lions, they didn't stop with Paul's enemies but came after Peter and Paul as well. As is often the case, what goes around comes around and those who encourage feeding others to lions may well become the second course themselves.

And so the free love religion turned into an anti-sex religion, and the sign of the religion, which was a fish (Christ was a fishermen of men and the Early Christians made the sign of the Fish which is Pisces), was changed to that of the cross, which was the instrument of Christ's torture.

And since the opposite of Love is Hate, and the suppression of Sex is the suppression of Love, hatred and violence have predominated here on Earth and the wars under Christianity put even the old Roman empire to shame.

Now we are again facing the beginning of a new cycle and it is up to us to choose whether it will be a cycle of love or of hatred. And you will reap the seeds that you sow today for you will be reborn here in many incarnations over the course of the next two thousand years. Will you be reborn into a society of love or a hate filled slave state?

During the year 2001, I was in a coma for over a month and experienced an incredible lucid dream which I still remember vividly.

At one point in the dream, the devil appeared to me on the television and began talking and showing me things on the screen.

He said that the energy of the next age would eventually condense around one of the many seeds being planted. And that the choice would be based on subconscious agreement, a sort of popularity contest or democratic vote taken below our conscious awareness.

He told me that I was a significant contender, one of the more likely candidates at least as far as New Age religions go, but that there were other choices besides that of a "clean" New Age religion.

The current majority, according to him, were those who were trying to maintain the old ways. But this, he said, was guaranteed to change as the Age of Aquarius came to its full strength (around 2018) because people would not tolerate another 2000 years of the same old suppression and repression.

But, he said, an intelligent New Age religion such as I was writing about on the internet was far too difficult to use and understand.

Instead he said that he would provide a much simpler religion where everyone would have total freedom to harm each other without Karmatic retribution. He would set them free to hate and harm and on the TV he showed me a world going mad in an orgy of mutual destruction.

The freedoms must be granted. We are entering a time of great knowledge and power and people will not tolerate the old chains. But Love and Sex must provide a tie that binds people together and helps them to find God within each other so that the new age will be a time of help and caring instead of domination and exploitation.

Would you rather have orgies or gang wars during your next 2000 years? The choice is yours. There is no third alternative of becoming puritans, it will not work in the New Age that is to come.

If you fight against love, you are voting for hated. Open your eyes and see what you are doing.

God Bless You All,
writing as The Professor
(aka The Pilot)
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