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It is impossible that the old religions will retain their strength in the modern world. Their weaknesses become too visible under the light of technology.

It is inconceivable that a sterile atheistic clockwork will be accepted, it's too far from the truth and science has already stepped into the quicksand of quantum mechanics and observer interaction with the creation of reality. Atheism's only strength comes from people's protests at the old religions.

And so the next age will be dominated by a New Age religion of some sort.

But that religion could take many forms, some better and some worse. And for those of us who are here at the crossroads of time, it becomes our duty to push for a turning in a better rather than a worse direction.

Some of us have already been involved in practices which began well but were perverted by moneymaking and vested interests or a desire to moralize and make others wrong. And others have floundered in the silliness of practices built on wishful thinking without any concept of scientific knowledge.

Best is to define a new starting point and then absorb and align everything useful into it.

I believe that God is one and that we are part of God and that our target is to become more Godlike and add to the richness of creation.

And on that basis, anything which increases love, understanding, ability, knowledge, or creativity belongs within our new religion.

If it works, it belongs in the new age and should be part of our religion.

And let us not have a religion which suppresses knowledge or inhibits the intimacies of love or demands a fortune for admission to truth as has happened so often in the past.

And since such a thing as this should have a name which is a useful reminder rather than simply a catchy label, let us pick the name ADMIROLOGY because God is Love and Love begins with Admiration. Find something to admire in everyone you meet.

God Bless You All,
Writing as The Professor
(aka The Pilot)
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